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Cannabis Vodka

Euphoria Cannabis Vodka is made of extra smooth grain vodka, blended with natural cannabis leaves and cannabis seeds. It is 100% natural product. Each bottle is hand-made. Enjoy the rich taste of freedom! Favorite

Kannastor GR8TR V2 Jar Body Grinder

The V2 Jar Body is an updated version of the widely popular GR8TR grinder by Kannastor. The V2 Jar Body has everything you will ever need in a grinder and can be assembled in multiple ways. Screw out the extra grater and jar body sifter to convert the grinder to...

Chewy Chube Silicone Grinder

The Chube is a revolutionary silicone air tight, smell proof, water resistant grinder that fits in your pocket. Brought to you from the Chewy Grinder team the Chube is another leap forward in the evolution of tobacco grinders. With a nearly indestructible design the Chube grinder can grind your tobacco...

Canna Terpenes Wraps

CannaWraps is different from the other hemp wrappers because they are handmade with real hemp selected meticulously to get better color flavor and texture. This product is made without chemical additives within a sustainable ecological process. Favorite

Juicy Natural Hemp Flavored Blunt Wraps

Juicy Wraps are already the world’s most flavorful blunt wrap but now you can get the most flavor while enjoying an all natural smoking experience. Juicy Natural Hemp Wraps contain no tobacco and are made with non-GMO ingredients. Each pack contains two Juicy Hemp Wraps in a resealable zip pack for...

Lion Rolling Circus 100% Natural HEMP WRAPS

Lion Rolling Circus Hemp wraps are the trending and freakiest “proverbial new kid on the block” in the competitive world of hemp wraps. Made from the finest quality naturally certified Canadian hemp grown and harvested in our own growing fields, they incorporate all the best features you could ask for...

Aku Rolling Tray

If you love anime, this Backwoods Samurai Jack rolling tray would be a pleasant joy to grind your herbs on. Favorite