4G-Spot Glass Hammer Bubbler Pipe

Since 2000, G-Spot has been known for high-end, German-made borosilicate glass bongs with their innovative, practically indestructible tank joints. Get in on G-Spot style and quality with their series of hand pipes and bubblers made from the same high grade borosilicate glass!

This hammer bubbler hand pipe is built with a fixed slitted diffuser to smooth and cool smoke with just a little bit of water in its deep chamber. The red reversals on black glass make a striking contrast, and the bowl features a carb hole on the right side. Three large marbles decorate the front of the water chamber, two unique flower marbles and one sparkly dichro marble. With a comfortable, rounded mouthpiece and a flat bottom, this hammer bubbler pipe can rest safely on any flat surface.

This pipe measures just over 6 inches in total length, and the chamber measures around 3 inches in height. Because each hammer bubbler is individually handmade, each one is unique. The exact pattern and measurements may vary slightly.

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