Alien Ashtray

Your buddy is a real SciFi fan and can speak “Mars Attacks” or “Alien” backwards?

Then give him a treat and give the ashtray Alien with Joint, 1 piece.

This is the mega gift for a smoker who is not afraid of an alien. This fellow here looks pretty chilly, too. No wonder, as a casual joint smoker he’s all about love and peace. Somebody say the aliens are dangerous.

The funny ashtray Alien with Joint, 1 piece is an ingenious gift for smokers with sense of science fiction and sense of humor. The funny little alien, who holds the ashtray between his legs, is based on the typical shape of an alien, as known from the movies.

His giant alien eyes focus on the joint he’s pulling right now. The ashtray itself looks like a piece of outer space. But it is only made of polyresin, which is a rather stable and high-quality artificial stone.

With a diameter of approx. 11 cm it holds a lot of ash. The colour green or turquoise is not selectable – just let it surprise you. They both look pretty.

You can grab one now by clicking the “I want one!” button.

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