Arizona Green Tea Stash Can

Arizona Green Tea Stash Can
You can’t beat the classics! Arizona Green Iced Tea is one on the most iconic beverages, and now you can store your stash in this Arizona Green Tea stash can.

Crafted from a real can, this Arizona green tea stash can is perfect for hiding your weed.

This smell proof container is hand made from a real can, and weighs the same as a full can of Arizona Green Iced tea (17.6 ounces). Featuring a large storage compartment, this secret container features a screw top lid that seals in smell while maintaining the appearance of the real product.

For at home or on the go use, this is the ideal secret smell proof container to fit any secret stoners needs.

Weed stash containers are a great way to keep your weed and smoking accessories stealthy.

Even though weed is fast becoming legal in more places around the world, it’s still a good idea for now to keep your hobby away from prying eyes.

Whether you need to secretly store your weed at home or on the move, one of these cool weed stash cans, lock boxes or bags will make sure no one gets their hands on your stash.

The top easily screws off, it will hide the smell of your weed and it even weighs the same as a full can for extra authenticity.

You can grab one now by clicking the “I want one!” button.

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