B-LAZE Laser Bong

The Silicon Cali company has developed a space-age laser bong, B-Laze. The company states this is the original laser bong. The utilization of borosilicate glass makes this bong among the latest in innovation and technology.

If there is a God and he is indeed omniscient, it is also true that he foresaw the human race’s ability to create a great many things that would change the world, improve the overall quality of life here on Earth, and maybe even one day move beyond it.

We can’t help but wonder what the hell he would make of this laser bong.

The unit uses 445-nanometer lasers to light the bong bowl. For reference, this unit is about 400 times stronger than the laser pointer used in presentations, which has about five milliwatts.

See it in action from the video below:

The device is made by San Francisco-based startup Silicon Cali, which describes the B-LAZE LaserBong as its “flagship product.”

The company sells special glasses for the protection of your eyes while taking a hit. Just in case you look at the bowl by accident directly. The company is quick to point out that the laser is not strong enough to hurt you.

The co-founder of the company Justin Zelaya says the laser is not dangerous. He states that you may notice the feelings similar to when you put your hand under a magnifying glass in the sun if you put your hand in the way of the laser.

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