Bee Hive Inline Perc Recycler Rig

Show how committed you are to saving the bees and enjoy an exquisite smoking experience with the Beehive Inline Perc Recycler Rig! The inline percolator provides supreme filtration and the smoke is recycled multiple times before inhalation. Enjoy the smoothest, coolest hit possible in a uniquely sculpted design crafted from scientific glass. The flared mouthpiece seals in smoke tightly and the sturdy base platform will keep your rig safe and steady on all flat surfaces. The glass bee accents are an eye-catching finishing touch and it can be ordered in purple, pink or green. At 8” high, the Beehive Inline Perc Recycler Rig is as compact, portable and easy to maintain as it is stylish and functional. This piece makes a perfect gift for anyone with a taste for the whimsical and a passion for quality smoke.

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