Bestie Bong

The MAV Besty Bong is made for two people and maximum cooperation.

Step one is to figure out how the hell to fill the ice-catch and then maybe you’re really going somewhere.

Obviously, this bong has two mouthpieces which mean you are going to need a friend to get this thing ripping and roaring.

We recommend hitting this bong gently at first and trying to equalize the pressure between the two mouthpieces before ripping the bowl.

Saddle up to the double-barreled mouthpiece with your best pal and rip a two-for-one binger, you’re sure to grow closer because of it. Or, at least higher.

The Bestie double bong is also the ultimate marriage counselor. Trouble on the homestead? Get the ol’ ball-and-chain to chiiilllll and share a rip off the Bestie to help you guys remember why you got married in the first place. Actually, it’s probably more likely to make you forget stuff. But either way, y’all should hit this thing. 

It takes some practice to hit this water pipe just right but that is half of the fun!

You can grab one now by clicking the “I want one!” button.

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