Black Leaf Glass Dab Rig

Feel one with nature with this stunning worked glass dab rig by Black Leaf. Made from premium quality borosilicate glass that is built to last and adorned with several colorful mushroom ornaments on the curvy hourglass shaped body, this piece is bound to turn heads. A mushroom shaped mouthpiece takes the mushroom theme of this eye-catching rig to the next level.

As you take a hit the smoke travels through the fixed diffuser downstem. The holes in the diffuser downstem break up the smoke in lots of bubbles, for a much cooler and cleaner rip. It comes delivered not only with a glass banger, but also a glass herb bowl with handle for easy lifting, which makes it ideal for dab enthusiasts that like to switch things up every now and then.

The mushroom mouthpiece on this portable solid dab rig bents backwards slightly, which enables you to smoke it in a more comfortable laid back position. So all you need to do it sit back relax and enjoy all the wonderful things that nature has to offer.

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