Blue Mandala Stash Box Combo

Blue Mandala Stash Box Combo includes a matching titanium grinder, UV Glass Stash Jar and Rolling Tray! Grinder and jar rest safely inside the cushioned inner platform, protecting your stash from impacts and drops! Perfect smoking accessory for the smoker on the go! Make a great matching gift set!

Stash box with lock and key adds protection to your stash! Organize your herbs, spices, and smoking accessories neatly and safely inside the Locking Stash Box! Box comes with a lock and key for added safety and protection. Lock your box to keep others out! Protect your stash and yourself!

Full size 100ml glass stash jar with a Blue Mandala logo. UltraViolet (UV) protection will preserve your herbs keeping them fresh for months! Airtight seal eliminates smells! Smell proof stash jar!

The Mandala symbolizes wholeness, unity, harmony and a deeper connection of mind and body with the world/universe. The Mandala offers insight into ourselves, our relationships, our character and motivation. Through meditation the mandala helps us reflect on the past, a clearer understanding of the present, and with practice a glimpse into our future. Show the Mandala symbol in your home as a sign that you seek wisdom, self knowledge, and a deeper sense of purpose.

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