Captains Glass Mini Bubbler

The Captain’s Glass Bubbler is small piece 4″ tall, rich with colors found in the vast oceans covering the plant. Extending from the blue base is a twisting design through the handle leading to mouth piece, creating the appearance treacherous sea storm connect the heavens to an endless body of water.

The Good

This small bong is a glassy analogy of the deep waters where sea life flourishes. It’s also a reminder than the ocean can be a terrifying place as many ship have succumbed to destructive storms. The great part about this particular color scheme is that it doesn’t look horrible after collecting a little bit of resin. With that said, you still need to clean this pipe every so often to keep it looking good and from stinking up a room with that old bongwater smell.

The Bad

You don’t have to be at sea for a tornado to ruin your life, as those living in the Midwest and Middle America are well aware.

The Ugly

Just remember this bowl is meant for herb – it would be rude to keep your pet fish in here.

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