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24K Fetish Ashtray

The ultimate indulgence: an ultra-lightweight ashtray plated in 24-karat gold. The pinched disc silhouette is as sculptural as it is functional. Favorite

It’s Lit Ashtray

Keep it classy. not ashy! Made from lightweight, durable, and easy to clean anodized tin, the HEMPER Metal Disc Ashtrays are reliable anywhere you decide to spark up, indoors or out! We’ve even added 4 indentations around the circumference of the tray for secure placement of any burning goods you might need to...

Trippy Hug Crystal Ashtray

This gorgeous ashtray shows a delicate embrace, and is made from refractive crystal which will shine beautifully in the light. It’s suitable for both indoor and outdoor use, and is easy to clean. Favorite

The Doobie Ashtray

You cant go wrong with the adorable Jamaican Man Ashtray. It makes a great gift and is perfect to put on your coffee table. Perfect Ashtray for home or just for a decorative item. Great for garden tables and decorations. Size 17″ Favorite

Marley Natural Crystal Ashtray

Marley Natural’s crystal ashtray is an accessory solution to complement your smoke collection, and it will look great on your coffee table. Made from crystal and sustainably sourced black walnut, this gorgeous ashtray is both stunning and functional, featuring a raised metal poker that allows you to easily remove even...

Glow In The Dark Cup Ashtray

Ever smoked in the dark and missed your target when you tried to ash? The Glow In The Dark Cup Ashtray is here to make sure that doesn’t happen again. Not only is it great for smoking in your backyard at night or while watching horror movies in a dark...

Alien Ashtray

Your buddy is a real SciFi fan and can speak “Mars Attacks” or “Alien” backwards? Then give him a treat and give the ashtray Alien with Joint, 1 piece. This is the mega gift for a smoker who is not afraid of an alien. This fellow here looks pretty chilly,...