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Axe Hammer Dabber

It’s hammer time. Hit the dab rig nail on the head with this amazingly detailed Axe Hammer Dabber by Empire Glassworks. Individually handmade with custom blended borosilicate glass colors, the Axe Hammer Dabber features meticulously worked glass accents with a two tone handle. This extra large 5” inch dabber tool...

Glass Carrot Dabber

Up for a light snack?  Scoop your concentrates in style with this full-color Carrot dabber! The main advantage of a glass dabber is quick and easy cleaning with a simple alcohol swab.  Smooth and stylish dabbing for all!

Mad Scientist Carb Cap

Channel your inner scientist and crush concentrates in homage to one of the most loveable and disgraceful grandfathers on the TV.  Vibrant colors and handcrafted details!

Pineapple Carb Cap

Empire Glassworks’ quality direct flow carb cap, with a ripe pineapple design. Thick glass, with a universal fit. Add a fresh tropical slice to your next dab session!

Rubber Ducky Carb Cap

Add some fun to your dabbing sessions with this Rubber Ducky Carb Cap. This carb cap helps to reduce airflow into your quartz banger so your concentrates can vaporize at lower temperatures. This ensures the best flavor and no waste from your waxes and oils. This Rubber Ducky Carb Cap...

Empire Glassworks Launch Pad Carb Cap

Where we landing boys? Right on top of your concentrates. Inspired by your favorite videogame, this heady glass carb cap will help you get every last bit out of your concentrates. The shape makes it easy to rotate and the slightly curved bottom allows you to change the direction of...