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Gold Clipper Lighter

The Gold Clipper Lighter features either a shiny, polished-gold chrome finish or a brushed gold finish that will turn heads when you light up. These gold lighters are high-quality and made of full metal, not just a cheap plastic lighter with a metal sleeve. You will receive either a polished gold...

Rubber Case Leaf Lighters

Grab one of these handy and trendy weed leaf lighters with a rubber case. The lighters are original Clipper lighters. Easily refillable and with a removable/replaceable flint. Come in a set of 6.

Pack Of Chewing Gum Lighter

Now you can secretly carry around a lighter with this deceptive lighter that looks like a pack of chewing gum. These clever pocket lighters are refillable and come in a variety of gum brand styles, with everything from Double Mint to Juicy Fruit.

Mini Fire Extinguisher Lighter

The mini fire extinguisher lighter is a cool twist on the tried and true fire extinguisher. Made from solid metal, the mini fire extinguisher lighter is refillable and has an adjustable flame and makes a great stocking stuffer gift idea for smokers.

Lipstick Lighter

Look like the most fashionable smoker in your circle when you go to light your joint with this lipstick lighter. Disguised as a chic polka-dot lipstick, this refillable butane lighter is the obvious choice for any fashion forward smoker.

Tesla Coil Lighters

No flame, no butane, no hassle! Tesla Coil Lighters’ Arc Lighter works by creating an electric arcwith one press of a button so you can light up anytime, anywhere! Truly flameless and windproof. Plug the lighter into your car, computer, or any compatible USB port! A full charge can last up to a week or 100-300 uses. What does...

Volkswagen Micro Bus Lighter

This gorgeous desirable collector lighter produced to the very highest standards. Fully Electronic Ignition and Gas Refillable Fire Lighter. Official Licensed Product. Featuring authentic VW lustrous authentic two-tone paint scheme. High quality. A truly stunning lighter that everyone will admire.

Linse Kaomoji Lighter

Featuring the first-ever lighter with a retractable nozzle and adjustable flame! Linse has innovated an awesome solution to a common smoking problem; burning your fingers while using a lighter. Suffer no longer with this patent-pending technology that makes lighting almost anything, from a candle toa bowl, a breeze. The nozzle...

No Stealing Lighter

With this lighter, you get to adjust the angle of your flame. There are three positions you can lock in, normal, 45˚, and 90˚. This helps when lighting different things such as bowls, bongs, and blunts. Find the perfect angle to aid in your smoking experience.

Vibrating Penis Torch Lighter

Hand this lighter to your friend for a hilarious reaction, and another when they flip it open and the lighter begins vibrating! All jokes aside: this lighter carries a large butane chamber to power its flame, leaving it to be an efficient and, ultimately, one of the best lighters you...