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Stashlight – Doob Tube & Refillable Lighter

There you are, at the summit of your hike, ready to enjoy the view and the fresh joint that you brought along. Then it hits you- the lighter is back at the car! Never again! Bam. Not only does this doob tube fit in your pocket, it’s water-proof, smell proof, and the refillable flint lighter is...

Wickie Pipe Lighter

Wickie have come up with an amazing design concept to base their pipe around. You simply fill up the bowl shaped end and smoke from the narrow mouth piece (made from acrylic to stop it from heating up). You get a removable bowl cover so you can load it up...

Gold Weed Leave Clipper Lighter

In the market for a keeper? You’ve struck gold my friend! These black and gold metal clipper lighters couldn’t be anymore prestigeous, even picking it up feels… just good? Each one weighs around 50 grams, the real deal. As if the bar could be raised even more, it comes in...

My Heart Belongs to Mary Jane Zippo

If your heart belongs to her what better way to show your loyalty. Custom Zippo Lighter only available with Hat Shark Marijuana Pot Weed Related Design Lifetime Warranty by Zippo – They will fix this for free! Made in America – You are supporting American Workers! Original Windproof Lighter –...

Gold Clipper Lighter

The Gold Clipper Lighter features either a shiny, polished-gold chrome finish or a brushed gold finish that will turn heads when you light up. These gold lighters are high-quality and made of full metal, not just a cheap plastic lighter with a metal sleeve. You will receive either a polished gold...

Rubber Case Leaf Lighters

Grab one of these handy and trendy weed leaf lighters with a rubber case. The lighters are original Clipper lighters. Easily refillable and with a removable/replaceable flint. Come in a set of 6.

Pack Of Chewing Gum Lighter

Now you can secretly carry around a lighter with this deceptive lighter that looks like a pack of chewing gum. These clever pocket lighters are refillable and come in a variety of gum brand styles, with everything from Double Mint to Juicy Fruit.

Mini Fire Extinguisher Lighter

The mini fire extinguisher lighter is a cool twist on the tried and true fire extinguisher. Made from solid metal, the mini fire extinguisher lighter is refillable and has an adjustable flame and makes a great stocking stuffer gift idea for smokers.

Lipstick Lighter

Look like the most fashionable smoker in your circle when you go to light your joint with this lipstick lighter. Disguised as a chic polka-dot lipstick, this refillable butane lighter is the obvious choice for any fashion forward smoker.

Tesla Coil Lighters

No flame, no butane, no hassle! Tesla Coil Lighters’ Arc Lighter works by creating an electric arcwith one press of a button so you can light up anytime, anywhere! Truly flameless and windproof. Plug the lighter into your car, computer, or any compatible USB port! A full charge can last up to a week or 100-300 uses. What does...