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Benji Franklin Box

This is the all new FRANKLIN Box by Benji. Theyincorporated matches into this pack of cones so whether you have a lighter or not, you’re prepared. You can also use the matches as a way to pack your cones. Features a striker strip on the front sliding end of the box.

Gizeh Pink Rolling Papers

Come on, who said pink was for girls only? Dare to be imaginative and opt for this crazy limited edition. We tested, we LOVE it! Giza is a German brand specialized in all smokers’ articles. Their presence on the market for decades has enabled them to acquire unrivalled know-how in...

King Palm Rolls

Take pride in your smoking style when you cradle your favorite legal smoking blend into one of these natural King Palm King Size Rolls. Each 5 pack of rolls comes coupled with a packing tool to ensure your legal herbs stay secure within the natural leaf. Every roll comes equipped...

Juicy Jay Banana Flavoured Rolling Papers

These flavored rolling papers will instantly brighten up your routine smoking experience. With a huge range of juicy, sweet, succulent flavors, there is a flavor for every taste. Printed with small designs in pure soy ink, these papers add pizzazz and fun to any rolled herbal cigarette. Even-burning, smooth, and...

Juicy Jay’s Blackberry Brandy King Size Slim Rolling Papers

Unlike many other flavored rolling papers, only Juicy Jay’s are made with their famous “triple-dipped” flavoring system that not only flavors the paper but sweetens it. The natural flavors of your smoke are enhanced, leaving a mouth-watering tastiness on your lips! Only soy-based ink and natural sugar gum are used...

Juicy Jay’s Mello Mango King Size Rolling Papers

Enjoy a fruity flavored smoke with these delightful rolling papers, packed with the flavor of mango.Β Juicy Jay’s Mello Mango King Size Rolling Papers makes it easy to mellow out with a flavorful smoke after a long day. Each pack offers 32 rolling papers that will leave you wanting more!