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420 Pink Mini Rolling Tray

You love pink. You love getting zooted. Does that describe you? If so, the 420 Pink Metal Mini Rolling Tray is going to be your go-to rolling tray for now on. The adorable leaves in different shades of pink are a perfect background for your favorite number – 420. Not only does...

Rick and Morty Rolling Tray

A smoking room isn’t complete without a Rick and Morty rolling tray. Rick and Morty are back in this limited series of rolling trays designed to keep your bud where you want it. Favorite

iRollie Phone Case

Make your phone zen as f**k with a mandala phone case with premier rolling tray.  Experience the freedom to roll up wherever you have your mandala phone case. Make your next adventure an iRollie Adventure! Favorite

Rick & Morty Limited Edition Mini Morbid Rolling Tray

The easiest way to add some 420-flair to your arsenal of smoking accessories, these Limited Edition “Mini Morbid” Rolling Trays feature custom artwork depicting a ripped Morty smoking from a literal beaker bong, in tribute to the cartoon series “Rick & Morty.” This rad rolling tray measures a compact 7.5” x 6”...

Call Of Doobie Rolling Tray

When doobie calls, you know you gotta listen. The Call of Doobie Rolling tray is a hilarious way to bring your two favorite hobbies – smoking and gaming – together in a useful and awesome way. The raised edges of this tray make it perfect for keeping all your bud...

Grand Dank Rolling Tray

Not everyone is cut out for a life of crime, but it’s still fun to live vicariously through our buddies Carl, Mike, and Trevor as they pull off the ultimate heist. If you’re a fan of this notorious video game series, the Grand Dank Rolling Tray will get your in...

Ooze Cursed Rolling Tray

Stoned like her enemies, you’ll be CURSED by staring into her demonic eyes for too long. The Cursed Rolling Tray functions perfectly while grinding your herb and rolling it up, as an ashtray, and the dope design also makes a great conversation piece. Grab your favorite pack of rolling papers, your favorite strain...

Ooze Funky Fever Rolling Tray

The Ooze Funky Fever Rolling Tray is your new go-to surface for rolling up. Why be moody when you can shake your booty? Cut a rug with Dabbing Granny and let the good vibes roll!! The tray functions perfectly while grinding your herb and rolling it up, as an ashtray, and...