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Moon Rocks Rolling Tray

Smoke Arsenal Rolling tray provides a smooth surface to roll your smoking products in. With rounded edges and deep walls, it allows every piece to be scooped out without getting stuck in corners like many other trays.

Juicy Jay Chocolate Chip Cookie Flavoured Papers

Juicy Jay’s Cookie 1 1/4 are flavored like homemade chocolate chip cookie dough, and you don’t have to worry about getting salmonella from this cookie dough! These rolling papers are great for smoking with your legal herbal blends.

Einstein T=HC2 Rolling Tray

The only energy that matters is the one you will vibe off when you roll your joints on this vibrant T=HC2 medium metal rolling tray.  This T=HC2 Rolling Tray is made of high-quality metal and is relatively one of the best finds you’ll find in the rolling tray universe, really, it is one of a kind. With its smooth, metal surface, you can easily...

Mario Smoke Sesh Rolling Tray

Mamma mia! The Smoke Sesh Rolling Tray is going to be an awesome addition to your collection of smoking accessories. Anyone who’s ever played as this awesome little dude (let’s be real, who hasn’t?) will love it when you pull this rolling tray out and roll a sweet joint or blunt to...

Lionhead Golden Leaf Rolling Tray

With a unique design, this beautiful white rolling tray serves its purpose with style. This tray is made of thick but light metal, and it is a perfect size to take it anywhere. Made using offset printing, it’s matted finishing ensures that none of your herbs go to waste. Made...

Blue Mandala Stash Box Combo

Blue Mandala Stash Box Combo includes a matching titanium grinder, UV Glass Stash Jar and Rolling Tray! Grinder and jar rest safely inside the cushioned inner platform, protecting your stash from impacts and drops! Perfect smoking accessory for the smoker on the go! Make a great matching gift set! Stash...

RAW “Prepare for Flight” Metal Rolling Tray

The Raw Flying Rolling Tray will keep your seat backs and rolling trays in their full upright positions and make sure you fly the friendly skies. This Raw rolling tray features Raw Force One flying through the wild blue yonder, the Raw logo, and “Prepare For Flight”. So, turn off...

Hellboy Rolling Tray

As a paranormal super hero Hellboy flawlessly senses what smoke gear we need for the perfect smoke session. So he has designed an entire range of smoking hot Hellboy pipes and smoking accessories for us to indulge on. Keep all your smoke gear in one place with this aluminum rolling...

Aku Rolling Tray

If you love anime, this Backwoods Samurai Jack rolling tray would be a pleasant joy to grind your herbs on.