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Jimi Love Rolling Tray

Famous Brandz has launched a new collection called Rock Legends, that features and celebrates a selection of iconic musicians in musical history. The Jimi Love rolling tray is constructed from durable aluminum. It is the ideal spot for rolling, keeping your herbs safe and dry or storing all your important...

Dab Portal Rolling Tray

Transport yourself to another universe with the Dab Portal Rollin’ Tray. Simply grind, roll, and light up. It’s dab easy. Each metal tray is part of a unique collection that unites the aesthetics as one. Crafted with original designs in full, high quality printed color. Arrives in sleek, sturdy packaging...

Astronaut Rolling Tray

Roll into another dimension with the Sky High® rolling tray collection. Made for the smoker on-the-go and on-the-couch, these high-quality metal rolling trays are the easiest way to keep your smoke session from blasting off without you. Keep your herb, papers, wraps, and lighters secure while you prepare to take off...

Astronaut in Space Meditating Rolling Tray

This metal rolling tray comes with a unique astronaut in space design that is sure to stand out. This astronaut rolling tray is made of durable aluminum metal that wont dent, scratch or stain easily and is sure to last you a lifetime. This astronaut metal rolling tray is portable...

T=HC2 Glass Rolling Tray

V Syndicate Glass Trays are made from the highest quality shatter resistant glass, so don’t be too concerned about being clumsy. Select from a variety of sizes and designs for the perfect tray that meets your smoking needs and matches your unique style!

Dunkees Dab of the Dead Rolling Tray

Featuring two of the all time greats.. this Dunkees original is a classic collectors edition rolling tray.  Dunkees is one of our favourite artists out there, his weird, wacky and fascinating designs get us staring at these incredible rolling trays each time we see one. Check him out on instagram...

Dunkees Rolling Tray Life Lessons (South Park)

It’s another day in class with the gang. Kenny died of course, and Mr.Garrison is teaching basic math, and Mr.Towelie has made sure this class stays stimulated. Dunkees rolling tray inspired by South Park. Keep your flower from blowing away with this fun rolling tray steeped in South Park style.

Moon Rocks Rolling Tray

Smoke Arsenal Rolling tray provides a smooth surface to roll your smoking products in. With rounded edges and deep walls, it allows every piece to be scooped out without getting stuck in corners like many other trays.

Einstein T=HC2 Rolling Tray

The only energy that matters is the one you will vibe off when you roll your joints on this vibrant T=HC2 medium metal rolling tray.  This T=HC2 Rolling Tray is made of high-quality metal and is relatively one of the best finds you’ll find in the rolling tray universe, really, it is one of a kind. With its smooth, metal surface, you can easily...