Chewy Chube Silicone Grinder

The Chube is a revolutionary silicone air tight, smell proof, water resistant grinder that fits in your pocket. Brought to you from the Chewy Grinder team the Chube is another leap forward in the evolution of tobacco grinders. With a nearly indestructible design the Chube grinder can grind your tobacco in seconds with just the power of your own hand. The Chube features small non-stick silicone grinding teeth inside that allows you to simply throw in your tobacco and roll the Chube in your hands or on a hard surface to easily grind your tobacco perfectly every time. Once it’s all ground up the Chube makes a perfect storage container, due to its water resistant, odor proof and air tight body. It even features a small dispenser so you can easily dispense your ground materials directly into your bowl or papers.

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