Color Pure Bowl

G-Spot’s Pure Bowl is designed for smoking resins or other concentrates. A smaller hole and shallow sides make it easy to line the inside with something sticky and light it up! You can also place a round metal screen in the funneled bowl which will stay put and provide a flat surface for solids.

You can order G-Spot’s Pure Bowl in your choice of four color combinations to match your bong or suit your mood! These sturdy bowls are made from the same tempered borosilicate glass as G-Spot’s extensive line of glass bongs, and will resist breakage with a colored glass rollstopper and a sandblasted 18.8mm joint. The rim of each bowl is swirled in white plus the color you choose from the drop down menu: amber, blue, red or black. The G-Spot logo is printed in black on the side of each bowl.

G-Spot Glass has been a player in the business of building a better bong since 2000. Based in Germany, they manufacture and supply premium glass bongs, accessories and handpipes of the highest quality at a mid-level price!

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