Colored Cone Recycler Bong

WHOA is the first reaction when seeing the Colored Cone Recycler Bong for the first time. This 16-inch water bong lives up to the hype and delivers satisfyingly smooth hits every single time.

Made of high-quality borosilicate glass, this recycler bong features a two-part percolator chamber for ultimate filtration. The bottom tier is a five-stem tree perc while the top tier is the recycler cone withWith four tubes for intake and drainage, this recycler bong a marble diffuser – talk about fancy!

This bong is guaranteed to provide more filtered and cool smoke than what you’re used to. With a sturdy base and multiple points to conveniently grip onto, this percolator bong is due to withstand time and worth every penny for the visceral reaction you’ll get from others. So which color are you getting?

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