Compact Yellow Herb Bubbler

A bubbler combines the portability of a handheld glass piece with the water filtration of a bong. The Glasscity Glass Bubbler with Showerhead Perc is the perfect example of a compact smoking device that really packs a punch, but remains gentle on the throat. Its striking exterior brings a bit of sunshine to your smoke sessions and the beaker base provides great stability.

As you pull the smoke travels through the fixed downstem into the slitted showerhead percolator. The slits in the showerhead percolator break up the smoke into smaller particles, increasing the surface area and enhancing filtration for a much smoother hit. The mouthpiece is slightly bent, which enables you to smoke it in a more laid back position. So get those feet up, relax and enjoy all your favorite herbs in style with this yellow Glasscity bubbler.

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