Dual Function Party Rig Bong

A party rig built to suit any and all of your needs, this eye-catching scientific glass bong from Grav features dual compatible downstems for use with both dry herbs & wax concentrates, 2 mouthpieces that can be used simultaneously, and 2 percs housed within a mind-blowing inner chamber. The Grav Android gets its name from its unique dome shaped body with antenna-like mouthpieces and fixed diffuser downstems protruding from all sides. 

Part glass bong, part concentrate pipe, the Grav Android features an obscure dual use design with each mouthpiece leading to their own respective chambers & percolators. One mouthpiece leads to a natural encased percolator with a 14mm domeless quartz nail for heating waxy oils, while the opposing mouthpiece leads to a fixed inline percolator equipped with a 14mm Grav Taster® Dry Herb Bowl Piece. Two pipes in one badass bong, the Dual Compatible Grav Android Water Pipe is guaranteed to make any party lit.  

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