Eat & Grow Half Lit Lollipop

When it comes to cannabis infused edibles, cannabis infused candy ranks among the most popular options. THC candy, CBD candy, or a mixture of both can make you feel blissful and relieve any pain you may be experiencing.Marijuana candy gives you a discreet and delicious way to experience the life improving effects of cannabis. Half Lit is an innovative edible company that creates top-of-the-line organic cannabis infused candy for the person on-the-go.

Shaped like a half sphere, or a half lit moon, hence the name, the Half Lit lollipops are no ordinary lollipops. These gourmet creations are handmade in California and are made with only organic ingredients. Half Lit’s line of cannabis infused lollipops are gluten, soy, dairy, nut, artificial dye, and GMO free, perfect for the health-conscious cannabis consumer. These cannabis confections won’t make you feel guilty when you indulge in them.

Choose from a variety of fruit-infused flavors like the Lit Lemonade, Pineapple Paradise, Watermelon Wonderland, Lunar Lavender, Calming Caramel Acai and Hot Mama Mango. Handmade in California, these edible delights have been accurately dosed to provide you with a consistent high every time you take them.

Every Half Lit lollipop contains 25 mg of THC giving you a solid buzz without overdoing it. You can still do your day-to-day activities while inconspicuously consume your edible wherever you may be. Instead of drawing attention to marijuana smoke, this edible provides you with a decent amount of THC in a discrete manner.

What may look like a simple, innocuous lollipop turns out to be an invaluable way to grow cannabis. Inside each stick of Half Lit lollipops are cannabis seeds. Simply plant the stick into a pot with dirt and water and feed it regularly according to cultivation best practices.

What you’re getting is a pesticide and GMO-free seed that will produce organic cannabis for your personal use. Take it out on a beach day or suck on it during a concert; the choice is yours. Not only that, but Half Lit makes it easy to have a waste-free experience when consuming cannabis. Instead of throwing the stick in the trash, plant yourself a little cannabis plant.

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