Beehive Spoon Pipe

Manufactured by their experienced glassblowing team, Empire Glassworks has ensured this Beehive Spoon Pipe to be flawlessly handcrafted.

Accentuating its environmental theme, this hand pipe contains worked glass art from end to end. Its dry herb bowl has a rich yellow color, similar to that of honey, with a glass bee sitting on either side.

This bowl is designed with a textured honeycomb pattern around its entire circumference. At the point where the shaft meets the bowl, there is even more glass art that depicts a cluster of honeybees.

Isn’t this spoon pipe quite the art piece? Closer to the mouthpiece of the pipe, there are leaves made from green colored glass. The glass handle of the spoon is infused with blue streaks, laid over a dichro glass background. Hand-blown in the United States, this Beehive Themed Pipe is an exquisitely artistic creation.

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