Eyce Indestructible Hammer Bubbler

The Eyce Hammer Bubbler is an unbreakable smoking pipe with a durable & lightweight design made of platinum-cured silicone.

This silicone bubbler pipe is equipped with an innovative all-in-one design that features a built-in stash jar & steel poker tool, and a snap-in borosilicate glass bowl that delivers smooth, flavorful hits.

Eyce Indesctructible Bubbler Pipe

The removable components of the Eyce Bubbler ensure easy cleaning, and the snap-in borosilicate bowl offers the same clean hits you’d expect from a glass pipe. Most importantly, the durable platinum-cured silicone ensures you can keep on smoking even if the pipe drops.

Offering cool moisture-conditioned hits, an indestructible design, and built-in accessories, the Eyce Hammer Bubbler offers everything a connoisseur needs for a perfect smoke sesh.

You can grab one now by clicking the “I want one!” button.

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