Eyce Indestructible Silicone Dab Rig 2.0

The new & improved Eyce Rig 2.0 offers the same extreme durability of its predecessor with advanced upgrades that deliver ultra smooth dabs from your wax concentrates.

The new 10mm glass collar acts as a heat-resistant barrier to protect the silicone body from damage while an included titanium nail ensures dense, flavor-rich hits from your extracts.

If you like huge clouds, the compressed air path paired with the grade 2 titanium nail delivers the kind of thick but smooth rips dabbing connoisseurs seek.

The Eyce Rig 2.0 is equipped with reinforced chamber walls for improved stability, ensuring the same rugged and indestructible build that Eyce Molds water pipes are known for providing.

You can grab one now by clicking the “I want one!” button.

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