Eyeball Glow In The Dark Pipe

You won’t be able to take your eye off this pipe! Blood red veins covers the glass tubing body. The eyeball also glows in the dark! There is more than meets the eye when you keep using this piece!

This 3.5″ Chameleon Glass – Eyeball Hand Pipe that Glows in the Dark will definitely make your eyes pop out your skull with every toke! Turn the lights off and see how this amazing glass pipe glows eerily in the dark, while the bloody veins covering the tube body makes it even more bad-ass! Made out of high-quality Borosilicate Glass, this piece has a deep push bowl for your tobacco & dry herbs, and a handy carb hole on the side. Definitely must-have for all you gory little smokers out there, and at KING’s Pipe Online Smokeshop’s very low price of just under $30!!! Cop this creepy little guy for yourself or some friends, today!

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