Freeze-A-Bowl Glitter Pipe in Hollywood

You’ll definitely feel like making a wish upon a shining star with the Elevator Glass – Freeze-A-Bowl Glitter Pipe in Hollywood. A sturdy glass glitter pipe that contains freezable liquid glycerin and eye-catching sparkling design. This liquid glitter pipe is about 5 inches in length and can be stored in a freezer.

freezable glitter pipe that cools your smoke in no time for you to get the experience of a “literally” chilly smoking session. Made with thick laboratory grade glass, this Freeze-A-Bowl Glitter Glass Pipe has a carb hole on its front side and a deep push bowl to hold your herbs.

Its glow in the dark glitter makes it more entertaining as it shows off its flashy design that will make you wow! Let this themed glass glitter pipe amaze you with its cooling and glimmering action.

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