Fritted Spoon Pipe with Swirl Accents

Colors dance around this fritted glass pipe. Thick and sturdy glass construction makes this pocket-sized wonder is up for every occasion. From picnics to mountain peaks, this excellent accessory is ready when you are. Sprinkle your favorite ground dry herb into the deep, generously portioned bowl. Side carb construction gives the lightweight design complete airflow control. Take your choice between a blue or red color scheme to suit your personal style. Festival hopping and backyard sunbathing, to the weekday nights and Netflix binges in between – the Fritted Spoon Pipe With Swirl Accents is here to bring a smile to your face. Boo Glass delivers a perfectly priced piece that won’t have you stressing over butterfinger friends or backpacks banging around. Grab your new sidekick, worry-free. Vibrant fritted hues and swirled dynamics will spark some life into every occasion. Carry it everywhere or keep it couchside, this visual pleasure might just be your new favorite companion.

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