Gary Snail Bong

Gary Snail Bong

You thought the Hemper jellyfish bong was epic?! Look at what they have available now!



Gary the Snail Smoking Bong – Ganjah Supply

The Hemper Snail XL Bong reminds us exactly of our favorite famous pet snail and was inspired by their love for Sails who live under the sea.

This fun themed piece is colorful and makes a fun addition to your current smoking apparatus’! The large showerhead perc cools and diffuses your smoke, delivering big and clean hits. We can guarantee you will be moving as slow as a snail after a few rips of this piece!

Gary the Snail Smoking Bong – Ganjah Supply

Carefully handcrafted to create a beautiful working glass bong.

This cute snail features 2 large eyeballs with orange eye decals and has a large shell patern decal.

You can grab one now by clicking the “I want one!” button.

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