“Giza” 3D Printed Geometric Bubbler

3D printing is the game-changing technology of the future. These days, you can 3D print almost anything, so why not take that technology and apply it to water pipes?

Much like you would build a house with layers of bricks, 3D printing works with the same idea. A computer takes a virtual model of an object and builds it through layers of molten plastic with laser precision. It’s very similar to the way 2D printers create a layer of ink on a page, only the layers build to form an object.

Kayd Mayd’s Giza Bubbler puts all the advantages of this incredible technology on full display. The durability of a silicone piece combined with the robustness of a glass piece and a stylistic flair unlike anything you’ve ever seen before.

The material is extremely durable and shatter resistant, meaning this bubbler will be reliable through anything life throws at you.

It includes a glass diffused downstem and a glass herb slide, made in the USA and available in assorted ornate colors (color may vary).

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