Glass Artist: Ben Browski aka browski_glass

Ben has been crafting borosilicate glass in beautiful British Columbia since 2012.

When not engulfed in flames at his home studio on Vancouver Island, he enjoys adventuring with his little family, golfing and riding with Harley—in no particular order.

Before the Torch

Ben has always been restless. Growing up in a small town on the Alberta-Saskatchewan border, his time was spent playing hockey, snowboarding or tricking out his BMX bikes and building dirt jumps in the farmer’s field next door. Occasionally getting into trouble, counter culture has always been a part of his stubborn, driven nature.

Ben trained as a power engineer before leaving Lloydminster for the warmer west coast. He utilizes his engineering background to design pieces that exemplify functionality while not sacrificing form.


Ben has come to understand that the most important things in his life are worth savouring. Taking time to enjoy his baby daughter and partner, starting every day with a morning round of golf and spending more time with his chosen family. More and more, emulating one of his spirit animals; the slug & snail. #Sluglife

You can purchase Ben’s masterpieces or have one custom made by contacting him through Instagram or his webpage.

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