Glow In Dark Spider Web Bong

Everyone loves glow in the dark bongs because they make smoking at night a lot of fun. This spider web design really comes to life when the lights go out.

The entire spider web will glow in the dark illuminating your nighttime smoke sessions.

This piece features a classic beaker design that allows you to add as much water as you’d like for the best possible smoke cooling and diffusion.

In the main beaker base chamber connected to the bowl piece is a diffused downstem that forces your smoke through its tiny slits into the water to be filtered and cooled before reaching your mouth.

This piece is made with thick glass to help prevent any breakage when smoking in low light conditions.

The flared mouthpiece will create an airtight seal with your mouth to ensure this piece functions flawlessly.

You can grab one now by clicking the “I want one!” button.

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