Glow In The Dark Cup Ashtray

Ever smoked in the dark and missed your target when you tried to ash? The Glow In The Dark Cup Ashtray is here to make sure that doesn’t happen again. Not only is it great for smoking in your backyard at night or while watching horror movies in a dark room, it has an awesome effect that will wow your friends and bring out the kid in you. At only $4.20 each, you can get this baby in every color without breaking the bank. Trust us, if you get the Glow In The Dark Cup Ashtray, your coffee table will thank you. 

🌟 SHINE BRIGHT – Glow In The Dark Edge

🌟 DON’T MISS YOUR MARK – Easy to See

🌟 EASY CLEANING – Smooth Surface

🌟 YOU DO YOU – Choice of Green, Yellow, Black, or Blue

Ready to get your glow on? Buy the Glow In The Dark Cup Ashtray now!

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