Grace Glass Crystal Art LED Ice Bong

Brighten up your smoke sessions and turn those boring stoner parties into full-on disco’s with this straight tube, ice bong with remote control LED Light Module.

Constructed from high quality, 3mm thick borosilicate glass, this awesome bong not only performs well, it also looks amazing when lit up in a dark room.

This sturdy bong is made from 7mm thick, high-quality borosilicate glass and measures 44 cm / 17.5 inches in height. It features a 29.2mm ground joint, an inside-cut, six-arm diffuser downstem and a removable glass herb bowl with handle.

The downstem perfectly breaks up the smoke through its six slitted arms, adding important diffusion to your hit. The 18.8mm, male herb bowl has a handle for safe removal that also doubles up as the perfect roll stopper.

You will find a carb hole on the bongs tube that comes with rubber stopper for extra control of your hits when you prefer it. Three ice notches give you the option to place ice cubes in the straight tube, for a smoother, cooler hit thats packed with flavor but less harsh on the throat and lungs.

The remote controlled LED light module fits seamlessly in the recess in the round foot of the bong.

This solid bong is beautifully decorated with a sandblasted design all over the tube. Impress all your smoke buddies and light up the party with this amazing straight tube LED Light Module ice bong.

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