Grav 5” Rocker Steamroller Pipe

The Grav Rocker Steamroller will literally rock your world.

The resiliency of this banana-shaped hand pipe is unprecedented–tip it, spin it, wobble it or rock it back & forth, the Rocker Steamroller won’t fall down or roll away.

Better yet, it won’t spill any of your precious herbs while doing so! The Grav Rocker Steamroller Pipe measures 5” inches in length and is made from thick borosilicate glass designed for cooling down your smoke.

This super unique hand pipe is available in your choice between a variety of captivating colors to meet any style or preference, each one embossed with a stamped GRAV decal on the top so you know you got the real deal.

You can grab one now by clicking the “I want one!” button.

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