Grav Coffee Mug Water Pipe

Start your day the right way with a tall cup of Grav Coffee. This familiar coffee mug design is in actuality a highly effective bubbler that filters & cools your smoke with every draw.

The Grav Coffee Mug Bubbler is made from thick borosilicate glass, and measures 7” inches tall from the base of the mug to the top of the straw neck mouthpiece.

The alluring curvy glass airpath and fission percolator are built right into the mug’s handle, transporting your smoke from the included 14mm Grav Cup Bowl Piece and through the water within the base.

The main chamber provides ample space for your smoke to cool down while the coffee mug design provides a naturally comfortable grip.

Part of the new Sip Series Collection from Grav, snag the Coffee Mug Water Pipe today and enjoy a pleasant smoking experience that always pack a punch!

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