Grav Dual Function Water Pipe Rig

This dual compatible monster of a water pipe from Grav Labs is the bong of your dreams. A full 13” inches tall and made on thick 44mm borosilicate glass tubing, the Dual Compatible Grav Water Pipe Dab Rig features twin intake chambers that are designed to accommodate both dry herbs and wax concentrates respectively. The left chamber is equipped with a 14mm male joint fit with an included 14mm domeless nail made on high quality heat-resistant quartz. On the other side, the right chamber is equipped with a 14mm female joint fit with an included 14mm Grav Taster® bowl piece.

Choose your weapon and easily block airflow from opposing joint using the included male/female reversible glass plug. Both chambers converge on a pill-shaped bottom chamber that houses an inline perc for thoroughly filtering your smoke through water. From there, your smoke will travel upwards into the showerhead perc that works to further cool each rip before reaching the tapered mouthpiece. Get yourself a bong that most people only dream about with the Grav Labs Dual Function Water Pipe Rig!

GRAV Labs Dual Compatible Dab Rig Bong

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