Hanukkah Menorah Bong

The Grav Menorah is a fully functional glass bong that is guaranteed to have your dreidels spinning year round.

This novelty water pipe is modeled after the 9-arm Hanukkah Menorah used during the winter holidays to commemorate the miraculous burning of a one day supply of oil for 8 days straight.

Just like the legend, the Grav Menorah will have you burning all day long from 8 separate bowl pieces! The Grav Menorah Bong is made from premium borosilicate glass and measures 14” inches in length.

This unique water pipe features 8 individual 14mm Grav® Cup Bowls and 8 downstems that each lead to a large conjoined bubbler chamber. A sturdy flared base will keep this bong tabled as you draw huge rips from the 45° angled glass mouthpiece.

The Grav Menorah has custom downstems that were designed to act as a slide for each bowl piece and also as candle cups that fit standard 14mm candlesticks for a more realistic Menorah.

Yes that’s right, the Grav Menorah Bong functions as both an effective water pipe and as a working Menorah to celebrate the eight nights of Hanukkah! 

Light up every bowl for massive rips or light one at a time, using pre-packed bowl pieces or candles as plugs to help you clear smoke from the main chamber each draw.

Grav Menorah Bong

The first ever Grav Menorah Bong was a collaborative effort in 2014 between 420 Science & Grav Labs, as seen in the video below.

This water pipe is actually the Version 2 Grav Menorah, a scaled-down model that was redesigned with a more convenient desktop size, a more ergonomic mouthpiece, a larger & heavier base, and a much more affordable price point.

This streamlined Grav Menorah Bong also features flower bowl pieces that hold a larger volume of your favorite dry herbs and have convenient stems for easy handling.

The joints have been moved much closer together for ease of lighting, while the decal has been updated to the new GRAV logo stylishly sandblasted onto the side of the glass chamber. 

If your crew is into nontraditional traditions, the Grav Menorah Bong will have you celebrating the miracle of Hanukkah anytime you please.

You can grab one now by clicking the “I want one!” button.

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