Hemp Wick Lighter Case

hemp wick lighter
Hemp Wick Lighter

The handiest lighter sleeve of them all! Stop hauling on butane with every hit by making the switch over to an organic hemp wick lighter!

Get the cleanest, tastiest hits plus your lighter will last significantly longer (As long as your friends don’t hijack your wick at the next sesh!).

Replace your traditional lighter forever and help save the 1 Billion lighters thrown out every year with our sustainable lighting source.

Traditional disposable lighters utilize gas as a fuel, meaning whenever you take a gnarly rip off the pipe, you’re also getting the added benefit of all those lovely toxins spewing into your bowl.

The all-natural hemp wicks are dipped in beeswax and lighters utilize a revolutionary design, able to store up to five feet of wick in just the palm of your hand!

This simple tool will make it easy for you to light your products with the gentle, low temperature flame of natural hemp wick.

Simply place a lighter into the device and proceed to release a partition of the hemp wick. Then simply light the end of the wick to begin using the flame.

This gives the user a clean flame source without any butane or sulphur chemicals.

This nifty gadget holds your wick in place for ease of use and also stores your wick perfectly. Easy to refill both the lighter and hemp wick.

Use with Standard Bic Lighters.

You can grab one now by clicking the “I want one!” button.

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