Honeypot Beehive Dab Rig

Ever heard about the buzz around this beehive?

Meet the Empire Glassworks – Bee Hive Mini Dab Rig. Standing at 5.5″ tall, this beehive-themed mini oil rig doesn’t only come with bees and honey, it also comes with a 14mm Female Joint plus a 14mm Male Banger Nail.

Made with Premium-Quality Borosilicate Glass, this mini dab rig is proven to be durable and long-lasting giving you less worries and more smoking sessions.

Get your smoke diffused with its 3 Hole Inline Percolator that works efficiently in bringing out mind-blowing rips.

Pleasing to the eyes as it is with its honey pot mouthpiece and not to mention its bee hive design that has honey oozing down this mini dab rig.

You can grab one now by clicking the “I want one!” button. 

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