Hotbox Cabin Blunt Bubbler

MJ arsenal’s Limited Edition “Hotbox Cabin” Mini bubbler is designed with the same simple philosophy in mind. Less air, equals more flavor — just a little more festive. This amazing little piece features a sculpted glass cabin, and is cleverly design so the smoke billows through the glass candy-cane chimney!

For even more holiday festiveness, your smoke will first pass through the Glass snowman before being diffused through the 3 hole perc in the bottom chamber. 

Just add water and put a little holiday cheer into your smoke sesh with this Hotbox Cabin Blunt Bubbler from MJ’s Arsenal! 

Like all MJ Arsenal Blunt Bubblersโ„ข, These clever little bubblers are the perfect way to get a smooth, filtered smoke out of your rolled joints, blunts, or cigarettes. 

This piece is 4.5 inches in height with a 2.5 inch base.

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