How to make hard candy bars with blueberry watermelon & nerds

Here we go! 🦋

1 cup sugar, 1/2 cup honey (or light corn syrup,) and a 1/4 cup filtered water (combine over low heat)

Here is where I go ahead and add a few drops of watermelon flavoring to the filtered water.

Stir until sugar is dissolved, let come to a boil and when your thermometer reads 300°, remove from heat.

When it drops to 245°, stir in additional flavoring if you want and your cannabis tincture here. (I make my own tincture but you could add distillate or RSO here if available to you), pour into your molds and let completely cool.

  • For this one, I did the watermelon batch first and when it was getting close, I started up my blueberry. Poured the watermelon, as it was setting blueberry was finishing up and using a baster I added it to the watermelon and swirled around using a pick and let them finish setting together. I hope that makes sense 😅
  • You can also use canna sugar if you do not have access to the other materials.

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