How to Make Weed Nerd Ropes

Weed nerd ropes are quickly becoming one of the most popular cannabis edibles to make at home! If done right, this edible recipe can turn out fantastic! This post is going to show you the step by step guide on how to make weed nerd ropes.

If you’re just skimming this post, make sure to check out the potency calculator near the bottom. It will help you estimate the potency of your weed nerd ropes.

Here’s What You’re Going to Need

Rainbow colored candy sprinkled on a white background.

To make nerd ropes you’re going to need a few ingredients:

The only ingredient in this recipe that you won’t find at your local supermarket is cannabis tinctures. Luckily, we have a comprehensive guide to making cannabis tinctures here.

You’re also going to need some equipment:


  • Put the gummy bears in a microwave-safe dish and microwave for 5 minutes at half power.
  • While the gummy bears are melting, fold a sheet of aluminum foil back and forth until there are crevices and there is aluminum foil that prevents any of the cavities from joining with each other. See the video below for an example.
  • Take the melted gummy bears out of the microwave. Add the cannabis tincture and mix it well. Make sure all of the ingredients are thoroughly combined. Once combines, transfer the mixture into a squeeze bottle.
  • Pour some nerds in each one of the tin foil crevices. Make sure to completely cover the bottom of the tin foil otherwise the gummy mixture could stick.
  • Using the squeeze bottle, evenly pour some of the gummy mixture over the nerd ropes. Once you have used all of the gummy mixture pour the rest of the nerds overtop.
  • Put the nerd ropes in the freezer for one hour. Shake off the excess nerds. Once hard, carefully pull the ropes off of the aluminum foil.

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