Infused VEGAN chocolate tart recipe

Today we will be learning how to make Infused VEGAN chocolate tart.

Base is 350g chocolate Bourbon biscuits (these are a super common British type of cookie, I’m not sure they exist outside of the UK, but I’m sure any type of vegan chocolate biscuit will be fine!).

Blend in a food processor until they’re crumbs, mix with 150g melted infused coconut oil (strength of the slice will depend on the strength of your oil!) and press into the base of a tart case/ baking tin** see notes. Bake at 180c for 12mins.

Filling: 200g dark chocolate, melted, 200g full fat coconut milk, 350g silken tofu

Blend until smooth, pour into tart case / baking tin, set overnight in the fridge. Dust with cacao powder

*It’s actually much much easier to make this as an actual tart with filling, doing it as a tray bake was a bad idea but made it a lot easier for me to portion and post which is why I did it this way. Probably in future will do it as a tart though because the filling is soft and silky and doesn’t travel well either way

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