Jinni Pipe

Have you ever sipped on smoke before? Now you can.

Introducing the Jinni Pipe! Technically, a gravity pipe, that shoots smoke into the air.

Making big rips ultra smooth. (cooling the smoke with both water & air) You’ll never have to put your mouth on dirty glass again!

The moment we opened the box we knew this item was a premium product created with huge amount of attention, detail, care and of course love.

There is no question about it, it’s unique and this majestic piece will be a hit at any session you bring it along to. It’s shaped like a genie lamp – hence the name – it has dual chambers, one to hold the water and the other to hold the smoke, you’ll find the slide and stem are one piece all nicely packed in the box for you ready to go.

I’m a joint smoker, always have been and always will be! Like many of us I have owned a number of bongs but never have I owned or even seen anything like The Jinni Pipe.

I’m not going to lie I was a little nervous but excited to finally be able to experience it and even show some of my friends online, I’ve had the pleasure of practicing and using the Jinni Pipe over the last few weeks and let me tell you, it’s been fun! it’s not too heavy but it’s definitely not too light so if you are scared of dropping it, don’t be!

It’s actually very comfortable to hold. I think The Jinni Pipe is one that you can easily travel with besides the clear fact it is an ideal size it’s also easy to clean which is a bonus with any new glassware and help maintain like how you first set eyes on this piece.

Now..to the fun part. After I spent a few minutes taking in all of its beauty, holding it like I’m at a dinner party. Slide the stem in, fill the water till it just passes the end of the stem and you’re good to go.

Get your flower and fill the bowl. Now for the “scary” bit, light your herb and start to tilt the Jinni Pipe away from you and you’ll see the beautiful milky clouds being created, once the chamber is filled with goodness you can take the slide out, still keep it tilted and take the slide out and tilt towards you and enjoy the smooth lipless hit from the bong! If you have baby lungs don’t add too much material in the bowl.

You can grab one now by clicking the “I want one!” button.

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