Juicy Jays Orange Flavoured Rolling Papers

juicy jay orange flavored rolling papers

Get the sweet citrus flavor of oranges during your sesh with Juicy Jays Orange Flavoured Rolling Papers!

Juicy Jays Orange Flavored Rolling Papers were created to allow the user to actually taste the flavor of the paper in their smoke.

Made from 100% rice paper and a soy-based flavor ink Juicy Jay’s are #1 for flavored rolling papers.

Unlike many other flavored rolling papers, only Juicy Jay’s are made with their famous “triple-dipped” flavoring system that not only flavors the paper but sweetens it. The natural flavors of your smoke are enhanced, leaving a mouth-watering tastiness on your lips!

Juicy Jay's Orange flavored rolling papers...yum! | Herbs, Yum, Juicy

Only soy-based ink and natural sugar gum are used to make Juicy Jay’s delicious orange-flavored regular size rolling papers that measure 35mm across. One pack contains 32 papers.

All Juicy Jay’s contain a criss-cross watermark that allows the user to enjoy a smooth, slow, even burn.

You can grab a pack now by clicking the “I want one!” button

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