Kandypens Oura E-Rig

If you enjoy dabbing and are interested in investing in something more portable than your rig at home, the Kandypens Oura is a top contender.

Lightweight and easy-to-use, the Oura features 4 different temperature levels for optimal control of hit strength and cloud size.

It features a touch sensor that both turns the device on and off, as well as changes the temperature settings.

Unlike other devices, you have the ability to change the temperature mid-session.

Upon powering the Oura on, you will be able to start hitting within 5 seconds. This quick to heat device features a session mode that keeps heating for 60 seconds, perfect for passing around or for taking multiple dabs in a short period of time.

Should it be idle for 4 minutes, the device will automatically shut off, which is incredibly convenient for saving battery life and for those of us (let’s be honest, most of us..) who forget to power off their portable rigs.

Experience the difference with a Pink Kandypens Oura of your own today!

Click the “I want one!” button and grab one now!

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