Kannastor GR8TR V2 Jar Body Grinder

The V2 Jar Body is an updated version of the widely popular GR8TR grinder by Kannastor. The V2 Jar Body has everything you will ever need in a grinder and can be assembled in multiple ways. Screw out the extra grater and jar body sifter to convert the grinder to a slimmer 3pc GR8TR. Or take out the grater plates leaving only the sifter jar body with the top and bottom lids to create a pollen collector. Just need some storage? Screw off the top and bottom sections to create a small storage puck!

No other grinder has this many alterable styles in one piece. Every GR8TR Jar Body comes with an 60 Mesh stainless steel Easy Change Screen and a guitar pick decal. The V2 is made out of high quality anodized aluminum and has a Fine or Medium size grater plate to provide the best grind. The V2 GR8T

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