Kenan and Kel Say Coolio Introduced Them to Weed Backstage at “All That”

While announcing a reboot of “All That,” the orange soda-obsessed duo reminisced about a skunky moment from their child star years.

For weed lovers raised in the ‘90s, it’s time to rejoice with an ice cold glass of orange soda. All That, Nickelodeon’s pre-teen sketch comedy show that dominated the airwaves during the last decade of the 20th Century, is returning to TV, and it’s coming with a heavy dose of Kenan and Kel.

The show’s original leading duo, Kenan Thompson and Kel Mitchell, will take over the role of showrunners. With five new kids taking the improv reigns, and plans to revive some throwback characters and sketches, Nick is looking to cash in on ‘90s nostalgia with a kick of Gen Z energy.

And with that slime-era Nick sentimentality in full effect, Kenan and Kel recently sat down with Complex News to discuss the new show, and divulge secrets from their past lives as child stars — including the first time they ever smelled weed.

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