Kiefs Potion Bong

Hey witches and warlocks, it’s high time for an upgrade from that pewter cauldron. This beaker style bong is sure to become a key instrument in your alchemist’s laboratory. All potions, elixrs, concoctions, and magical materials of your choice will create a mystical effect passing through the inset percolator and rising up through the intricate details of this piece.

The blue orb within the glass chamber of Kief’s Potion acts as a percolated built-in downstem. This unique perc works with the wide bulb base of the beaker to create the concentrated results you love from a beaker style bong, with a smoother finish. The result is a spell that is sure to leave you enchanted. Get ready to bubble, bubble, toil and trouble as you make magic happen with this eye-catching bong.  

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