King Palm Watermelon Leaf Rolls

Experience watermelon flavored cones like never before with King Palm Watermelon Leaf Rolls.

The flavor of juicy watermelon is unmatchable with any flavored rolling paper. This is because your taste buds will experience food-grade essential oil infused with terpenes.

r/weed - Smoked this 1.5g beauty yesterday (King Palm Watermelon Leaf Rolls)

King Palms are completely free of tobacco and chemical, made from only 100% real, slow-burning palm leaf from the flowering tree of the Cordia.

Activate the flavor any time during your smoke by squeezing the corn husk filter firmly. No flavor is smoked since the capsule is activated in the filter and simply flavors the smoke as it passes through.

Pack tightly for an all natural, smooth and flavorful smoking experience like no other.

It’s necessary to not grind too finely for an optimal smoking experience.

The rolls come in a universal pouch with the specific flavor marked on the back.

You can grab these now by clicking the “I want one!” button.

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